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Streamline your scheduling processes, improve patient outcomes, and drive operational efficiency.

Net Health Therapy for Clinics allows for ever-changing staffing needs while ensuring rehab therapists can access real-time scheduling information

Our cutting-edge software can transform your scheduling workflows in ways that will benefit your clinic on multiple levels. Here's how: 

Reduce Missed Visits

Retain Talent

Enhance Satisfaction

Prevent revenue leaks from cancellations, no-shows, and self-discharges. Our personalized communications and guidance feature ensures patient commitment.

Increase employee satisfaction by creating sustainable workloads with smart scheduling. Our solution reduces administrative tasks, allowing therapists to focus on delivering exceptional care.

Prioritize the satisfaction of both patients and staff with personalized experiences and efficient workflows. Our software keeps patients engaged and staff loyal to your practice.

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Streamlined Staffing 


Reduce anxiety by simplifying scheduling changes. Our software optimizes staffing and minimizes disruptions, creating a positive work environment.

Why Choose Net Health Therapy?

Director and therapist engagement has significantly increased, leading to improved collaboration and patient care. 

Enjoy a surge in referrals due to our advanced digital marketing capabilities, reaching a wider audience and attracting new patients. 

Clinics have reported an impressive 20-30% increase in survey completion percentages. 

Within the first 30 days, clinics noticed an increased number of online reviews and higher average Google ratings, enhancing their online reputation. 

Our software ensures improved accuracy in online directory listings, making it easier for potential patients to find and choose your clinic. 

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Net Health's physical therapy EMR software is THE system to use in the Rehab World"

Lee W.

RVP of Rehabilitation Services

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