It’s Time to Rethink Our Referral Sources in Private Practice  

In this ebook, you will learn to: 

Look beyond the more traditional sources for patient referrals 

Identify new potential referral sources within your community 


Beyond the Clinic: 6 Outside-the-Box Referral Sources for Outpatient Rehab Therapy

Engage and educated potential clients through various local channels 

Strategically promote your clinic by investing time and thought leadership 

It’s a question that can keep rehab therapy clinic owners up at night. After all, establishing, maintaining and growing a solid referral network is critical for most practices. But while your referral network may be strong today, what happens if your more traditional referral network dries up? When considering long-term referral needs, it pays to cast nets that are as wide as they are diverse. In this ebook, we look to redefine what makes for effective rehab therapy referral sources.

How can you grow your referral network?

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