Advice for Rehab Consultants Seeking to Expand Their Service Options 

This ebook explores how rehab services can successfully delivered in an “At-Home” model, including: 


How-To Guide for Part B in the ALF/Home

What is Part B Rehab in the Home? 

Who can do it, and why would they want to? 

How can you get started delivering at-home rehab? 

Rehab therapy services can successfully be delivered in an “At-Home” model

Recent years have seen a dramatic growth in businesses that cater to providing products and services to people in their homes. This intensified during the pandemic, during which consumers forced healthcare providers’ hands into wholeheartedly joining this movement. This isn’t a bad thing, however, as taking healthcare services directly to the people opens new opportunities for both patients and rehab clinicians, including in the ALF space. This ebook outlines the potential that exists. 

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